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Councils turning street lighting off ?

What are your thoughts ?

The saving of money would at first glance seem to be a very commendable reason for doing so, thats until you quickly remember how wasteful the councils tend to be in other areas.

What we must remember, is that the lights were errected for good reasons in the first place, namely those of safety and security. Making them redundant completely in the name of cost cutting makes them into equally expensive lumps of scrap.
Surely having them on a timer so that they go out, say between one and six in the morning would save money and still retain most of their use for the public.
What other energy saving schemes could the councils usefully consider ? Perhaps they could utilise some of the hot air and bull s**t that they produce.
On a smaller scale but equally as important what measures do you, or are you, considering implemeting in your own household ?

For example, we have recently started switching the oil fired rayburn off at night instead of having it on 24/7. Saves the environment and our pocket.

Then add to that my old Chestnut and we may begin to go somewhere.

Retail Parks and High Streets with signage, interior lighting and street lights blazing away 24/7, the outlets may just as well be open. I guess in the winter it's the heating on as well and between, lets say 01.00 & 05.00 just a few foxes and the odd person to be seen.

It's worth remembering though that there are still quite a large group of people who work 'nights' in one form or another.

Whether that's very early starts, late finishes or genuine 'night shifts'.  
- The low stock holding and high turnover of supermarkets drive that for a start by having overnight shelf stacking.
- Medical staff are another good example.

Around 17% of all employees in the UK (about 4.1 million) work shifts, and while this is to be expected in industries such as the medical profession and security, our move into a 24 hour world has snowballed the number of professions that expect their employees to work nights.

Why should the safetly and security of these people be compromised ?

I think that during the war, the black out definately lead to increased accidents.
Duane Dibbley

Wasn't that due to the increased amounts of craters appearing in the road ?  
mrs tiggywinkle

I think turning off every other light is a good idea. I live in a cul-de sac and we have 5 street lights on each night when we could make do with 3.
 I'm sure when I was a child the street lights used to go off at midnight!!

mrs tiggywinkle wrote:

 I'm sure when I was a child the street lights used to go off at midnight!!

And me but that was the 1970s and everything kept going off then.

I might be imagining it but I'm sure I've seen some solar powered street lights round here - I think there's one on the A499 opposite Bryn Beryl hospital by the bus stop.

Every other street light turned off sounds OK to me, as does turning them all off in the dead of night.

I've heard Powys aren't turning the lights on at all, even in the evening - think that's taking things too far and compromising safety.
Duane Dibbley

The local benefit claimants could be used to generate electricity if they don't want to clear the knotweed  

Oh DD ! What have you said ?  :biglol:  Now that does look like slave labour.

There are so many ways Councils could save money, simply by cutting out some ridiculous practices they have.....

For instance, every member of staff has to attend a Manual Handling course.  Most of these courses are either a one day course or a 3 day course. (So thats a heck of a lot of staff days wasted at training instead of doing the jobs they are paid to be doing).  Staff then have to attend a half-day refresher course at the end of the next 12 months and if they fail to do so they have to go and do the original full course again.  I've been on the full day course.  It was ok - but I didnt learn anything - its mainly  common sense.  I went on a course a few years back and there was nothing new in this course.  So much money could be saved here...  Just work out for yourself the staff hours wasted doing this training.  And even if maybe it could be argued its important to do the first course, there certainly isnt any need for a refresher course every year afterwards.  Every 3 or 5 years would be ample.  Then of course there's other pointless training that has to be done in order that Departments can show on their Scorecards that their staff have done the training - most of it, as I said before is a waste of time.  Many of the training courses are stretched out to double the time they could take up - many 2 hour courses could be done in one, for example.

And dont get me started on the amount of money thats wasted on translating everything into welsh.  Fair enough in a predominantly welsh-speaking area... but Powys is not predominantly welsh speaking.  I tend to bin anything thats written in welsh and most people I know in this area do the same.  But we've all got to have the choice, whether we want it or not.  Never mind the cost of resources, the wastage etc... we must have the choice you see.  We dont, however seem to get the choice to notreceive welsh versions of everything.  Given the chance I would definitely opt out of receiving welsh stuff....

Think I'd better stop here..... I just get so mad when we hear how the Council is sooo short of money.... yet it doesnt mind wasting it in all these different ways.....    

Duane Dibbley wrote:

The local benefit claimants could be used to generate electricity if they don't want to clear the knotweed  


I wouldn't like any lights turned off where I'm living, it's already pretty dark in places, especially some of the side roads.

I am against a blanket turn off, but why can we not have a selective turn off of lights.  We have 4 in our street but 2 would do it after midnight.

I for one would be happy to see a few more stars in the sky than the orange town glow

Oi "DD"! That's racist. Why pick on a white bloke?

Councils turning street lighting off ?

Doesn't really matter where I live, they'll sell you a fix or mug you in broad daylight anyway

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