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council recycling

Hi there,
I am very new to the council reycling ( only had the blue boxes just before xmas)
Can anyone help me with this ?
I proudly left them three full boxes this morning - plastic, tins, and shredded paper. When I went to the road to collect the empty blue boxes, they had left behind the clear plastic ice cream cartons ??
They had taken the  plastic milk containers, surely the plastic ice cream cartons are made of the same substance ?

Also two weeks ago I stored some of my recycling items in old supermarket carrier bags and then placed them in the blue box. The man  took the plastic bags as well. This week they did'nt ! rolleyes.gif

Any advice much appreciated
Sweep x

Hi Supersweep,

They won't take ice cream cartons, margarine containers or yoghurt pots. They will take milk bottles, pop/mixer bottles and strangely enough, the plastic tops off the aerosols you've put in with the cans.  

They sometimes take the plastic bags and sometimes not.

My recycling hasn't been collected at all for the past 2 weeks  

Sweep, it seems to depend on where you live.

Some council areas are really good and seem to take anything and everything recyclable. Others seem to be very picky,like mine, and won't take lots of stuff with the recycle mark on it.

Your local council should have its own recycling website which will tell you exactly what they do and don't take, every local authority differs on what they can recycle. It all depends on money and the local recycling plants. The plastic argument always gets me boiling and sometimes the guys collecting it don't know any more than the householders. Oh well smile and bite the old bottom lip again.

Our Council have really gone for it.
We now only produce one dustbin bag of "waste".
Orange box for glass.
Pink sacks for plastic, paper, card etc.
New this March, a choice of two sizes of Wheelie Bin for garden/green waste. This is to replace degradeable plastic bags.
Also available for collection from the main depot, for those who want them. Compost Bins.

I'm surprised that they didn't take all the plastic because there was a news item a while ago showing how work had 'been created' for some adults with learning difficulties who could stand at a conveyor belt and sort the plastic into the appropriate types.

Recycling varies so much from council to council-we can recycle far less on the kerb in our county than our neighbouring city council residents can!!  Plastic is an odd one-it completely depends on which processer the council are using.  Plastic is graded from 1 to 7-all to do with it strength and structure I believe and our council will only take 1,2 and 3.  Look for the small triangle with a number in it-often is very small!  Also some items don't have the number but the name on it-for example PET (type 1), HDPE etc so you really need to know what the council are taking.  Yoghurt pots are the worst-I haven't heard of anywhere that will take them in the UK yet-please correct me if I'm wrong!  Crazy really since in Germany they just take all plastic, melt it down into little chips then reform it into plastic slabs for building!!
The plastic is causing so much confusion in our area that the council have said just recycle drinks, milk and shampoo cartons!  But the types are also found in fruit packaging etc, and some milk lids are number 2 and others are number 4!  Its just a matter of keeping yourself informed and bothering to try!  It annoys me when I go to our recycling centre and use the newly installed tetrapak bin and see normal plastic drinks bottles(which will go in kerbside recycling) shoved in it!  It's clearly marked in words and pictures on the side but some people just can't be bothered...

Ours don't take plastics at all. And compost bins from the recycling centre are 15.00 each!!!!

Lloyd wrote:
Ours don't take plastics at all. And compost bins from the recycling centre are 15.00 each!!!!

Ours are free - just had mine!

(but our car parking's bdooly expensive - can't win em all)

Swings and roundabouts. You part with the cash one way or the other.

we are behind the times here i think  

We have been provided with a normal bin, a brown/garden waste bin andd a paper bin

I have 2 compost bins  :-)  and if I want to recycle plastic or glass (which we do) I have to take down to the banks at the skip which is only open tues / Thurs afternoons and Saturday and Sundays (we have to store these ourselves - no boxes to store them in etc, so I use the green boxes I got for shopping in Safeways all those years ago  :-)  )

What your council will take depends on the local companies who will take the sorted waste after the council has processed it.

We have lost the ability to recycle a lot of plastics locally "because there is no market or hardly any for the products that use these plastics anymore".

Down to basics - if it can be recycled what we need is more end use what the recycled products can be made into.

Bit of a cyclic problem. Oh and the council only has to report how much recyclable waste it has collected - not how much it has actually recycled. So long as it has collected the right percentage for the government statistics it can then take said waste to landfill.


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