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cost of apples/juice

I had an interesting exchange yesterday with a cider making friend locally.  David is a commercial producer and the subject of me not hitting my target 3000L came up (again).
He has contacted a supplier who deals with juice all over the UK.  The gist of it is that for me to buy in bulk juice would basically cost 1 per litre (and thats not including the transport or storage containers)

I was gobsmacked at this as I can actually buy juice at the cash & carry cheaper.

Does anyone else buy in?  Have contacts?

The stuff that you buy in from supermarkets is absolute shit. Its a totally different product. It comes in as apple juice concentrate, usually from Poland. Water is added to it and then loads of sugar to make up for the lack of taste. You tend to get what you pay for in this world.

Does buying in apple juice not take away the locally produce in Cornwall 'label'?

Its been an absolutely bumper year for apples this year just about everywhere. I've actually been turning offers of apples for free away.

There are loads of Cornish producers in the Tamar valley.

Ive put the feelers out, but no-one is biting, so were going to just make do this year.
Im going to advertise through the fruit focus group early next year, and make some contacts in mid Cornwall, so planning ahead.

We were at Broom farm at the weekend and there was a cider maker from Berkshire staying there too and apparently, not all areas have enjoyed the bumper crop that I mentioned. Apples in some areas down south have been very scarce.

Weve come across some more local trees, and have enough to press on Saturday to make at least 200L.  This will take us up to 1200L in total.
I was away seeing a local printer yesterday to do some stuff for me, so we are moving on.

Im also looking at airtight storage and considering large bags for BIB storage.

John and Simon are working on the interior of the shed now....very slow, but getting there.

Im thinking of doing either a kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign.  Does anyone have experience of this?

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