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Today I started to coppice some hazel trees that we planted many years ago. with the intention of making a low hurdle like fence. Its my first bash at doing anything like this, so I don't know how my efforts are going to turn out.

Preparing the raw materials.

I want to make a rustic barrier from the end of the greenhouse to the end of the slated area. Eventually we intend putting gravel over the slate waste from our old roof.

More to follow.


Good for you, it'll be interesting to see what you make from it

I've made hurdles, and they are surprisingly long lived. Seven to eight years is normal….just in time for the hazels to re-grow and be coppiced again …..and that's been proven from wetland archaeology sites at least two and a half thousand years old too.

Will that slate debris not just become an incredibly slippy scree though ?


I'm in the process of smashing it into smithereens, covering it with permeable membrane and then gravel on top of that.
The area was a massive but defunct Koi Carp pool when we moved here back in 1988.
But anyway, eat your heart out Monty Don. It's an ugly little beggar but it's all mine.

Yorkshire Geordie

That's going to be very effective, Bodger.
It's looking great.
Trust a retired copper to be good at coppicing.  

I was never very good at seeing the wood for the trees.    

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