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Conundrum Twist of Fate. 1998 - 2008

Twist was killed today by a moron on a motorbike who drove at her and killed her outright. She lived with me until she was nearly 7 when she went to live with my friend Steve, and became his "little princess" He lives in London and Twist went on buses, trains, taxis, everywhere including restaurants.
They were in large park, I don't know which, this boy was "boy racing" and showing off to his mates, he drove at several dogs, Twist was killed.

She was a real Border, a good little worker, she won BIS at the millenium Yorks,Lancs & cheshire champ show, and she was a good mum, she never liked being one of a bunch which is why she went to live with Steve, and she had a wonderful few years with him.

Sleep well Twistish, you were a good dog.

Oh, what a shame....Godspeed Twistish.

RIP Twist  :sad10:

I hope the boy racer gets his comeuppance and is made to pay for what he's done  :q52:
green man

Oh my goodness me that is so sad , I hope the little turd has flash backs for the rest of his miserable life, I can't say anything to make this better how I wish I could , My sincere condolences to you and to Steve. :sad10:

So now I have just realised that Twist of fate  is conundrum Co-writers mum -Co-writer one of the most successful border terrier sires ever, and Twist of fate is Nelly's puppies granny, Oh my goodness that is so very upsetting,  so futile. :sad10:

 That is just so awful, I am really sorry.  RIP little Twist.

Sincere condolences to all concerned.

The boy racer will meet his what goes round comes round one day I am sure.

Run free over rainbow bridge little dog, there are some very good friends to make up there. X

Oh bdooly hell Jane.    

How awful!

I can't  think of anything else to say

RIP Twist!

The boy will get what is coming to him!

What has the world come to!

so sad to here of your loss R.I.P TWIST AT RAINBOW BRIDGE
deyzis mum

So sorry Jane

Twist was beautiful
liverpool pete

:q52: i hope the little 2hat brakes his bdooly neck just think karma what goes around comes around
so sorry for your loss   she will wait at the rainbow bridge rainbowbridge.gif

Thank you all for your lovely thoughts.....I agree with the comments about the "lad"...I would just love to get him up close and personal.

Twist was buried today at Steve's mums place just across the road from me, he planted an apple tree on her grave.

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