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container pots

dont know if this is the right section or not, but heres what I am going to do at xmas copying what my brother did. He gathered all sorts of containers(bucket size) from road verges, skips anywhere really then last xmas he put 4" of the composting grass cuttings(he never puts them on his compost heap) 4" of leaf mould (helped himself from Pottrow comman when walking his dog) in each one then put a chitted pot in each(not seed pots just some that had gone in the bottom of the sack) then filled with soil and put them in his greenhouse he claims the grass cutting provided the heat the leaf mould was to feed and give clean pots I ate some of the best new pots ever yesterday ;-)

I just put a layer of rotted down compost[greenstuff,straw,poultry and rabbit droppings] in my tubs in the greenhouse and they are fine--I think it's the protection under cover that they benefit from most--I still put a bit of fleece over the tubs if we get a really cold spell once the haulms are up.

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