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OH and I on the spur of the moment yesterday afternoon, decided to go out for a late lunch. Drove out to a little village not far from here, little old country pub, all home cooked meals.
Outside the pub was a young girl and her dad, yes he was teaching her to play conkers.
Certainly made us both smile, what fun they were having, she had already beat dad twice. More so the scene and fun of playing conkers evoked so many memories of not only my childhood, but that of teaching our two then children the art of playing conkers.
A great afternoon out, the meal was superb by the way

Several of the village pubs around Norwich are having conker championship contests, but I am yet to find out if there will be a local champion of champions conkers competition.
brummie nick

Looks like Britain can still be good at something.

Britain has always been "Conkers"      
Grandma Bodger

I was always told to put conkers in drawers to keep moths away, it works

I have them in the corners of the bedroom to keep spiders out  

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