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Computer advice please

I am currently using a loan computer while mine has a new motherboard fitted [luckily it was under guarantee and hadn't exactly gone phfutt yet].

The thing is that this computer has Windows 7 and I've used XP Pro since I got my first computer, and I'm not exactly happy with this as yet, although to be fair I've only been using it for maybe 6 hours, a lot of which time was taken by downloading Firefox, Thunderbird, sorting out all other email addresses, boards, passwords etc.

Actually, for a pig-ignorant untaught totally computer illiterate idiot, I'm quite pleased with myself, but...

...According to Effie, my computer guy, XP Pro will sooner or later become obsolete, and I am wondering whether I should change to Windows 7 now or when it becomes inevitable that I have to do so.

If any Windows 7 user can convince me of the benefits of it over XP Pro I would be very grateful.

Thanks - Juli

Sorry, can't help Juli only to say that I've used XP for years now and will only move to something else when I have to.  Then I suppose it'll just be a case of "getting used to it".

The one I won't touch with a bargepole is Vista as from the people I know, I've not heard a good word said about it.

I have windows 7, and find it quite useable, and better than vista.

The trouble with changing os is that they do love to move things for no apparent reason, and it really does take some while to forget where it was in XP.  Mind I swore about XP for ages having been on NT before that.

Seems we can all be techy and ludite at the same time !

Only ever having used XP, never Vista, Windows 7 is beginning to grow on me.  I mean I've gone from total hatred just over 48 hours ago to thinking hey, this is rather good.

But.  My computer guy says there is nothing wrong with XP "at the moment" and  I should keep it on my computer when it comes back, and only change when XP starts causing problems.

Talk about indecisive.  But I guess it would be stupid to pay for Windows 7 plus his work in uninstalling XP and installing 7 while it isn't necessary as yet.  

I think my main problem is that I am alone and don't have anyone to discuss things with, so have to make all decisions by myself - and sometimes it really isn't that easy.

Windows 7 is great, vista was a big mistake and caused a lot of problems, also made even the fastest computers run slow.

Windows 7 has corrected most of that and also has a number of better security features that run in the background.

As for upgrading, it depends on if you want to spend out the £££'s on the software.
As long as you keep installing the updates to XP then any security issues should be fixed.
And on a "home" PC they should not be a problem anyway.

You would also want to check to make sure any programs you run and use will be ok for Windows 7  (most should be ok but would be worth a quick check online)

OK, so the cost of the licence for Windows 7, plus Effie's work in uninstalling XP Pro and installing 7, and, hopefully, getting all my "stuff" back, will be in the region of £142 plus or minus.  Might sound expensive but then certain things are a lot more expensive here, although no way does Effie over-charge for his work.

He builds my computers, he looks after my computers - wasn't his fault that I ripped the front and side off the original monster one that sat on the floor, just eight months after he built it.  That was 100% my fault as I caught it on the footrest of my chair when reversing.  Ooooops.

Nor was it his fault when he took the second, smaller one [that sat on a shelf safely out of the way] to de-treacle it that the hard drive decided to pack up while he had it.  It was probably on the way out hence the computer needing de-treacling in the first place.

This time was a pure fluke.  The CD/DVD tray was sticking and when he came to check it and removed the cover he noticed that two of the capacitors were slightly rounded at the top whereas they should have been flat.  Which apparently meant that there was a potential problem with the motherboard in that it could go phfutt any moment.

I mean being on the third computer in six years?  I kill keyboards frequently, my record being drowning a new one after just eight days.  Which is why I always have spare new keyboards sitting on top of my wardrobe.

Oh, and a couple of spare mice/mouses/meesicles.  Actually no, only one now as I had to replace my original one a couple of weeks ago when it sighed and died.

Not really that ignorant when I think that when he built the first computer and brought it round I even had to ask him how to switch the thing on...

...and then took a couple of weeks before I dared send an email

£142 for the install of Windows 7 is a good price, the software on its own can cost more than that  

escape wrote:
£142 for the install of Windows 7 is a good price, the software on its own can cost more than that  

Effie has a registered company, and as far as I know he would not install, say, a copy of his own software.

When he talks about a "licence" for Windows 7 he means the actual installation discs, or whatever they are, registered in the name of the person to whom the computer belongs.  He will not take the risk of installing a copy or anything that is not legal, and I wouldn't be too happy either.  It's just not worth it.

My computer is not used for work as I don't work - I'm a bone-idle layabout!  Not really, but I am virtually housebound and my computer is my window to the outside world.

I know what's going to happen if I don't ask him to change to Windows 7 on my computer before he brings it back - I will miss the advantages that I have discovered by using this one.   Because I am seeing differences and advantages now.

Oh 'eck, decisions decisions decisions.

I used to be 100% certain about things.  Now I'm 100% not sure!

Juli wrote:
I kill keyboards frequently, my record being drowning a new one after just eight days.  Which is why I always have spare new keyboards sitting on top of my wardrobe

We have HP waterproof keyboards in work for that very reason.
They look the same as nomal but supposedly you can stick them in the dishwasher

freem wrote:
We have HP waterproof keyboards in work for that very reason.
They look the same as nomal but supposedly you can stick them in the dishwasher

I don't know whether we can get that particular make here, although Effie did once bring a waterproof keyboard for me to look at, but it was a lump of a thing and as ugly as - well, it was just plug ugly and cost a fortune.

Keyboards here are dual language, with English letters on the top left of each key, Hebrew letters on the bottom right.  The first lot I used were Genius, I'm now using a Logitech.  Neither are at the absolute bottom of the price range but they aren't much more, and when the last Genius one needed replacing he turned up with this Logitech one.  Which I like very much hence asking him to get me a couple more for when this one gets deaded.

Regarding the keyboard drowning, what happened was a 1½ litre bottle of RC Diet Cola exploding all over it.  And the table.  And me.  And as far as exploding RC Diet Cola could reach  

The previous keyboard was got at by the meecicles that inhabit my home.  They chombled the bottom edge of a complete row of keys...

this looks like a boy-racer type but it's in your neck of the woods

As for the mice - on river cottage a couple of years ago, HFW had a mouse-whisperer in, he asked the mice to leave the house and go live in the shed (or something like that)  
Could be worth a try....

I'm not paying that for a keyboard!  Apart from the price I don't think it would fit on my table  

Mouse-whisperer?  I live on an agricultural Moshav and everyone has mice.  Whether they know it or not.  And the only shed I have, apart from an ancient broken thingy at the back of my inaccessible back yard, is my corrugated metal lean-to, known as The Shack,  which I had built onto the side of my bungalow, and which is where The Silver Monster lives.

I don't really want meecicles attacking him - it was bad enough when a feral cat managed to squeeze under the side of The Shack and gave birth on the seat of Bronco, the wheels I had before The Silver Monster.

Mind you, I once put on a dressing gown upon getting up one winter morning, put my hand in the pocket and a mouse had given birth in it.

Hmm.  Also had a mouse give birth in an oven glove...

Decision made - I've asked Effie to sort out the licence and software for Windows 7 and install it for me.

He reckons that the only possible problem might be with Thunderbird, which he doesn't use, although I can't see why as it's already on my computer and he says he will be transferring everything onto the new OS.  

Well I managed to install it on this loan computer, so I guess if the worst comes to the worst I'll just have to re-install it on my own one when he brings it back.

And I will still have all the installation stuff for XP so can always change back if necessary.

I just hope I have done the right thing...

Think you are doing the right thing  

Your software should be ok, as you have installed it on your PC with Windows 7 at the moment.


I know I will be able to sort out Thunderbird, and my IP techies are just at the end of a free phone call - they helped me when I installed 'birdie on this loan computer and could get incomings but couldn't send any emails.

But I have no idea why I can't install msn on this one, and if I try I lose Hotmail, but then Hotmail frequently loses itself!  I'm just hoping that all my "stuff" will still be accessible when I get my own computer back with Windows 7 on it.

The thing is that I am doing things that I really shouldn't know how to, as I was never taught, and even though Effie insists he built my first computer in early March 2004 I know it was 2005 [from a post I made on my blog, started a month after I got the first computer].

Swings and roundabouts.  The company who sold Effie the motherboard that needed replacing, removed it and put in a new one, without charging him for their work.  Well the motherboard itself was under guarantee but they could have charge him for their work.  Which, in turn, I would have had to pay him for - or maybe not.

He also didn't have to make a special journey to either take my computer there in the first place, or collect it [he already has it back] as he had to go there to buy new things as they are his main supplier.  Not local either but maybe 70 km away.    

They also assured him that it must have been a pure fluke as out of the thousands of motherboards they sell, they have had less than half a dozen pack up while still under guarantee.  

I had never been sure why he got me XP Pro in the first place and not XP Home Edition, but apparently he got a special offer on the Pro which made it cheaper than the HE - this was about the time he actually set up his own business.  So this morning I queried something I'd read which mentioned Windows 7 Pro, and he said that I don't need it, but...

...there is apparently a "super" version - I think he said it was an educational version - which is available at a reduced rate for schools and teachers, and he is going to see if he can get that version for me.

As I haven't the slightest idea what he is talking about, even though his English is not only 100% perfect but he has virtually no accent at all, I've just said OK, do what you think is best.  Because I trust him implicitly.

And when I asked him why he first said not to change yet and now says "great - 7 is far better", he said he'd wait until I'd used 7 for a few days until I could see the benefits.

Typical testosterone-filled expert and a computer-illiterate old crone!



Friday 12 November I finally got my beautiful tiny shiny black box of a computer back, complete with Windows 7 Ultimate.  Not just the regular Windows 7 but W7 Ultimate, and I haven't a clue why.  Well I do, 'cos Effie was able to get a special education edition or something, blah blah blah and it was actually less than the cost of W7 when it should have cost twice as much, blah blah blah, which is why I originally ended up with XP Pro instead of XP Home Edition blah blah blah.

But all legal wiv licences an' 'all, and in my name.  And being Israel, registered with my ID number as well!

And everything is back!.  Well except for the fact that my newish psc/fax program has to be downloaded and my webcam apparently isn't compatible for W7 but hey ho, who cares.  I wanted a new webcam in anycase.  

Total cost of everything, and I do mean everything, was ~£152 at today's rate of exchange, and when you take into account that things like computers, televisions, all white goods etc cost a heck of a lot more than they do in the UK, I am defferably not gonna complain.

Ackshully certain other things are a lot cheaper, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts.

But I've got my own computer back and I lurve lurve Windows 7 now.      

if anyone else as the same problem it's the same sinerio when ever a manufactor creates a new model it fits in with the modern times but every body follows i.e windows 7 all the most up to date programmes will be made to work with win 7 if you can work with a older programme there is nothing wrong with staying with xp but after service pack 3 update they will not be issuing any more updates for xp

and now for something completely different.

I can't convince you that W7 is better than XP. However, this would be the time to try a sideways move to linux. Free, easier to install and much more flexible. Unless you are a gamer when it is pants.

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