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Compulsive frugality!

Does anyone find frugality addictive in much the same way as exercising?
I've just realised that living on a very limited income has become almost enjoyable!
I've recently retired officially and my income has gone up! (been off work due to big C) 200+ a week is like a small fortune, the bank skimmed 300 into savings from my current account last month!
I even know when the supermarkets are marking down stuff I could put in my freezer!

I understand what you mean Stanley although we are practising frugality because we are spending/have spent so much on the renovation! My "fix" is usually satisfied by charity shops or ebay-finding that item we need for next to nothing to keep our costs down-99p brand new sinks, 10 brand new baths, antique stained glass doors 50. I am also developing the habit of buying bargains in Oxfam and selling them on on ebay-jodhpurs are always a good one and anything that is new with tags! Our only failing at the moment is there is so little space in the caravan and the cooker is useless that we are spending more on food than before as it is impossible to make everything from scratch as we used to.

I know just what you mean.  I am a bit like that.  I love meal planning so as not to waste anything and love finding bargains and shopping in markets.  I buy all my books from charity shops (but then I donate them back again).  I was brought up during rationing and had a very, very practical Scottish mother and a Yorkshire born father - say no more!

I also think if you have time it is very enjoyable and actually makes for a higher standard of living!!!

Re: Compulsive frugality!

Stanley wrote:

I even know when the supermarkets are marking down stuff I could put in my freezer!

Unless its something I've raised,grown, cooked or foraged there is only "whoopsied" stuff in my freezer. I know what you mean Stanley,it does become an enjoyable challenge. My kids laugh at me when I say "A penny saved is a penny earned"--but I dont care.

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