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composting toilet plans!

Does anyone have plans for a composting toilet or reccomendations on how too constuct one?

Which sort?

Bucket & chuck it (which is what we use)
long drop
modern hi tech quick compost

There is a good e-book online all about humanure
green man

Hi I was on a happy clappy weekend many years ago and they had a composting loo that was used by all the guests, it was a winter event I attended and the community used a composting toilet- basically it consisted of a 6'x4' shed with the door on the long side, outside on the opposite 6foot side  the bottom half of the shed had a locked hinged opening along it's length this cavity was three foot deep into the shed and about 3foot high the toilet waste collected here straight on to the mud floor, this was the place that decomposing wood ash covered waste was removed from every month.

Inside the shed it was really nice with a paraffin heater to keep it warm with a 6foot long step up to a three hole loo that ran the length of the shed all made from a polished varnished wood shelf on a solid wooden front,  three bottom sized holes were cut in to this platform each with it's own wooden lid.
 Only one loo (hole) was in use at a time this was the hole with the movable wood ash pan behind it, A lovely looking copper pan with a fancy ladle, each time the loo was used a spoon full of wood ash was tipped down the hole, this kept the place smelling sweet after the toilet had been used. Each hole was used for a month, then the next hole would be opened and the wood ash moved along.

Three piles of waste created one month apart, so effectively the three month old waste from one hole was removed from the rear of the shed every month and taken to the compost heap which eventually ended up on the vegetable plot, this place was a gentle commercial enterprise so one could scale the whole thing down if necessary but I must say I rather liked this set up. it worked well they also kept the ordinary flushing type loos but they made sure they were cold and draughty to encourage people to use the composter.

Greenman! That's a really brilliant design and a fantastic explanation thankyou very much!! Gary.

I like to watch Grand Design on the tele and in some of the more esoteric designs I have seen compost toilets in the house - I would only imagine them for outdoor use or am I wrong?

We have a nice looking wooden box with removable front. It has two lids, Under one is a box full of our cover material (wood shavings) & under the other is a 5 gallon brewers bucket. When nearly full its removed & swapped for a clean one & the full one taken to a compost box thats sized to take about a years worth on each section for a family of 4. We will need about 2 of these 2 section composters so that by the end of the 4th year the first box will be fully composted. It can be done quicker (much quicker in some cases) but as we use mixed sawdust & some of its cedar which takes a long time to compost I am hedging my bets.

Oh & ours is inside.

Thats a crap idea bagzi.

A year or so ago, I put a link on here that referred to an organisation that were running courses on how to build just such a toilet. I'll try and find it but there's such a lot of information going on here that its going to be dificult.

Blimey        The search facilty worked. Here you go, have a look at this.

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