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wolf man

Compost toilet/long drop

Hi Guys,

this is my first post here, and was hopeing that you could help.

I teach vulnerable children various outdoor skills, and have managed to secure a large woodland for us to use.
However the condition is that I will have to build a compost toilet/long drop.
I have seen and used long drops in the Arctic, and know roughly what they look like and dimensions, and this is what I would like to build.

Could anyone direct me towards any plans on the site, or you may have to create one of these, as its something that I would like the kids to build.

Many thanks

to OTG Wolfman

This link should answer all wolfie.

wolf man

Thankyou very much folks, that was useful. Now if somebody could point me towards some plans that would be outstanding.

Obviously I could go down the easy route and buy prefabricated wooden panels. But as I have access to plenty of Sweet Chestnut waiting for coppicing, I thought it best to use the kids I work with love taking down trees!!!!
For them to build it from scratch would be a real achievement and something to remember.

Many thanks once again

We don't do outstanding, just sitty downy ones. The word was sitty and not  *****y  

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