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Compact tractor

We are toying with the idea of buying one of the small japanese compact   4WD tractors for our little smallholding.  Just wondered if anyone has one or knows if they are much good.

Sorry i don,t know anything about them but anything that takes some of the hard work must be ok

What do you want it to do for you?

I bought a Kubota a few years ago and now I don't know how I ever managed without it.  It really is an excellent bit of kit to have around
All the best

Kubotas are good, we use a few, but we mainly go for the John Deere range 'cos they hold they're resale value better (or so it seems), they're spares back up in the UK is very good too.

Compact tractors

Thanks for the replies.  We are actually thinking of a Kubota so it is good to see some positive views. We would mainly be using it for rotavating and fairly light jobs around the field.  Its also a question of money as they seem relatively cheap compared to 'real' tractors.   just didn't want to waste money on one if they were not well rated.

compact tractors are really useful tools however be careful to match the size of tractor to the tasks you want to do with it and the size of implements you  want to use.
kubota is a good make , i would also recommend iseki and shibaura. iseki make them for massey ferguson and shibaura make them for ransomes and new holland. kubota, shibaura, iseki, massey ferguson and same we have where i work and i do the maintenance on them all and they are all reliable. ours are used in glasshouses and in the gardens of my employer, and for ploughing in the edge of polythene over crops on fields.

our local hire company has 3 Kubatos all 4wd and with loaders, fit on good car trailer. We use them often as our son is a mechanic there so we get them free     we use the rotary hoe they have and the slasher etc. I think they pretty good as they do good as hire tractors  

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