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Community Orchards.

Forget the old boiler at the start of the clip

I watched this last night on the BBC Wales News and thought to myself " what a great idea".  I think that similar shemes  such as this could and should be instigated across the UK.
Its not just the planting and running of orchards that could be encouraged either. There's lots of stuff out there like designing and creating nature reserves or community food producing co-operatives etc, where groups of people could make a real difference to their local environment and just as importantly, their own lives.

Sounds good idea   on the clip next to it was one"When should children leave home" , didn't watch it but would love to know the answer to it
green man

Benevolent dictatorship is the only way to go with community stuff IMHO.  

You're so right about that. When when we move house, if we have enough land I'd consider running part of it as a community farm. I'd have to be the boss and only 'nice' people need apply

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