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Coloured Egg Layers - 18 each

Hi All - I was experimenting this season with crosses of my birds to produce stronger blue and olive green eggs.  I have some POL to spare if anyone is interested.  They should be good layers, as all the parent stock are good producers, and the eggs should be a good size once they have grown out of "pullet-hood" as all the parent stock are laying large or extra large eggs.

I cannot guarantee which lays which colour so its pot luck but all the eggs should all be nice, and mixed in with commerial layers should make for a lovely coloured egg box, which if you are selling should make for a premium price

These are what you can expect them to lay -photo from someone who hatched eggs from me earlier in the season

and these are some of the girls which are a couple of weeks older and should lay any day now (want to keep those so I can see the eggs for myself   )

This is the whole photo which includes eggs from my Higgledy Harriets, but I haven't any of those to spare this season .


I have one of your pullets here that looks for all intents and purposes like a Maran but she has a tassle. I can't wait to see what colour egg she lays.

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