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Dave C

Colour Genetics & Blue Lacing

Any experts on genetics on here ?

I've been treating myself to some Blue Laced Wyndotte bantams.
Now BLW x BLW will produce BLW offspring if they have pure genes.
If they are not the can produce 50% BLW, 25% Buff Laced, 25% Gold Laced.
But I've been told mine are pure  

Now I've also got Dark Laced, Blue Laced and Jubilee Indian Game.
And Dark x Blue = 50% Blue, 50% Dark.
Blue x Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Dark, 25% Jubilee.
I think  

Eventually to my question  

Both ways of breeding IG will produce Blue Laced but is there a preference on which way produces the best lacing?

In other words, this is one of my girls and I'm trying to reproduce her lacing.
I have both Dark Laced and Blue Laced cockerels I can use.
Which one will produce the best lacing?

Got there in the end  

I'm not good on genetics but I do know that a particularly coloured bird might not be as it seems to be when it comes to genetics. A friend told me that its not as simple as mixing paint.
For many years I had a strain of Light Red OEG that would regularly throw out a pure white bird but that bird was still  genetically red.

A Complex subject-   Pretty hen BTW
You can find some info here
the pic below is an extract - good luck

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