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Cold-smoked trout

Had a very pleasant hour or so at my local loch the other week & came home with a couple of decent fish

Quick fettle with the filleting knife soon had them sorted, & after an hour & a half in a dry brine with a couple of other flavourings they were ready to be hung outside to dry in preparation for a wee spell in the smoker. I wasn't too fussed about the remaining fat as they needed to have the 'pellicle' trimmed off after the smoking process has finished, & the fat & ribs would be trimmed away as a matter of course.

Time to fire up 'Bessie'  

Then in they go for a 24 hour smoke

Here's what's left of a fillet from the one I did over the weekend. It turned out so well I decided to stock up  


That looks absolutely delicious. Your contraption for smoking them looks interesting - could you post how you made it please? OH is a handy sort of chap and I quite fancy taking up smoking myself!. Love Lizzie

Now that looks delicious  

Thank you both very much. I must admit, I am proud of my smoked trout  

Lizzie? The smoker's simplicity itself! All you need is a chamber to contain the smoke (and a loose-fitting lid will do just fine.............there's no black art to getting the ventilation 'just-so') The real secret is in the wood you use. It needs to be fine enough to smoulder without bursting into flame, & dry enough not to give off acrid fumes. I've spent yonks faffing about with various combinations such as chainsaw chippings (which didn't give great results due to the oil flung from the chain), piles of sawdust from my mitre saw, solid oak blocks with a few holes drilled & then started to a smoulder with a blowtorch, etc nauseum Best thing I've found is just to buy smoke dust & tinker with the mixtures until you find the combinations that you like best............just don't use hickory with cheese? It's 'orrible!  

Then I came across this wee device! It makes generating a steady supply of cold, clean smoke an absolute doddle! The inevitable tweaks & tinkering will give your OH hours of fun    

They look really yummy.

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