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Cold come lately

I wonder how many of us are going to be caught by the present cold snap, especially those of us further north who have had spring for at least two weeks.

Luckily I've been reading the seed packet instructions so the present few frosty days aren't going to be the end of the world.

Woke up at 2.30 am absolutely perishing cold   I don't think it 'quite'  hit freezing last night but I pulled all the trays back into the greenhouse and brought the hanging geraniums into the kitchen before we went to bed.
Should have dug out another quilt too  
Those wee clicky hand warmer things are good though, and I had them sitting with my camping kit, so just cuddled round one of them. Himself was totally sound and wouldn't have appreciated an icicle missus snuggling in to steal heat
Woke up this morning to cold but glorious sunshine.

Northern Lass

We had a couple of inches of snow up here yesterday afternoon so we're a little concerned about a few of the seedlings but the tadpoles are still looking healthy in the pond and it's melting now. It's refilled the water butts nicely, at least!

Oh well, there's enough seeds in the collection for replanting if we have to!

And this weekend isn't a gardener's friend either. Wet definitely and chilly wind from the wrong direction definitely. There's a snow warning out in parts of Scotland.

Everything was coming along a treat on the allotment till this week. I do hope that this isn't a sign of the season to come. We can do with the rain up here but not the wind or the cold.

Below freezing here last night, and there's a bitter wind blowing. Lovely sunny morning that disintegrated into a very chilly day. We had a fair amount of hail yesterday. Supposedly we might get snow tonight.
I left the plants in the greenhouse, except the bedded out pansies that looked very sorry for themselves early this morning but have perked up as the ice melted. Wish I'd left bedding out for a few more weeks.

I don't mind the rain so much, or the ice, but I can do without that bitter cold wind.


Its definitely an idle wind round here it goes through you instead of round

Nice one Horace.

horace wrote:
Its definitely an idle wind round here it goes through you instead of round

here they are called 'lazy wind' and ueually  

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