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Cod fishing last weekend

I had three different crews booked for some cod fishing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday just gone.

Friday saw Mike and Pete aboard. The plan was to fish an area of rough ground around fourteen miles offshore called the Spoil grounds. We set off at 7am for the hours trip out. The fishing was slow but steady, a few dogfish each and a solitary whiting until, bang......

Over went Petes rod.....

A nice cod of 10lbs.

The tide slowed and as it started to push back the other way Mike followed up with two nice fish of his own......

These two went 10lbs and 12lbs.

That was it for Friday and we headed home with three cod for the day.

Saturday was completely different. I wanted to call the trip off as the forecast was promising a force five gusting seven, not the best conditions to be out in. The three guys who were booked for the day pleaded for the trip and against better judgement I gave in and we headed to an inshore mark that throws up the odd big bass.

I'd explained to the guys the fishing wouldn't be prolific but they assured me that wouldn't be a problem.

You've probably guessed, after an hour of inactive rods we moved a little further offshore. We managed a few bits and bobs until the conditions got the better of us and I had no option but to move inshore. It took me just over an hour to travel the three miles to the sheltered bay we had started the day in. Every wave came over the front of the boat, rolled up the windows and fell in a waterfall from the roof canopy behind me. Not pleasant for sure.

That was just about it for Saturday.

Sunday I headed off out to the Spoil grounds again with Sean and Mark. It was pretty lumpy for the first part of the day with wind against tide making conditions testing once again. To rub salt in, the fishing was awful. We had the odd dogfish here and there. Just after slack water, right out of the blue, Seans rod hooped over......

This time the culprit was a cod of 15lbs.

That was about it for the weekend. Some tough conditions but at least we boated a few of those elusive cod. Well. When I say we I mean them.....I didnt catch anything but dogfish.....typical.....

Cracking write up mate, and well done in some lumpy conditions.

Superb fish, too  

Great read    

Great read, and some excellent looking fish.

I'm very very envious.  
The fish and chips are on you.

Thank you......

The next set of neap tides are on the 30th and 31st October. Small tides so should be able to fish the deep water reasonably well.

I have room on the boat if anyone fancies a trip. Will be the last neaps I can fish until the end of November as I'm off up to stay with woodsmoke and J20 for a weekend. Jonty will be coming up to and I have to sat I'm really looking forward to it.

Any chance of you steaming up here to pick me up from Wales?

Thats the problem with this forum malarkey, everyones so far away.
mrs tiggywinkle

excellent post and good photos.  I knew when reading this Bodger would be envious!!!! lol.

I know what you mean....Its quite frustrating that you meet people that you'd like to share a few days out with and cant.

It's quite a drive down to the south coast but I can find room for you to stay for a couple of nights if you ever fancy a weekend fishing.

The only trouble is it's always short notice as you're never quite sure what the weather will be doing until a couple of days beforehand.

Springtime is the most reliable time, when the 50lb plus tope arrive, along with the big bream and blonde rays....

Well that was great bet they would taste out of this world too.

Have to agree you sure meet a people on here ir would be nice to really meet  

furdy wrote:
I'm off up to stay with woodsmoke and J20 for a weekend. Jonty will be coming up to and I have to sat I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to that weekend too mate.  I was just thinking the otherday that I hope you don't like your goose hung for any amount of time otherwise you're going to get a few funny looks checking in on your return flight with a couple of pinkfoots over your shoulder

I have wondered how I'm going to get anything home.....

I thought maybe if its only one I could put it on my head, tie its feet together under my chin and claim its an early easter bonnet....

Heh heh heh..................

I'll get some smoked & vac-packed for you mate  

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