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Cobblers !

Shoe repairers to you mate.

We live in a society where fewer and fewer of the things that we use are  designed or considered worthy of repair. How many of you live in or near a town that still boasts a traditional cobbler?
We are lucky here in Pwllheli, in as much as the old cobblers has been taken over by a young chap but how busy he is or whether he'll stick at it, is another matter.

Unfortunately, we could just as easily be having the same discussion about the town butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer and pretty soon, we'll have to talk about the town pub in the same nostalgic way ? Nothing stays static of course but town centres these days tend to be far from the vibrant busy places that they used to be. Blimey      When was the last time you saw a proper full blown sweet shop ?

It might be nice, if you get the chance to post any interesting signs from long since defunct shops here. There are still some fine examples about, kaz and I saw some really good ones in Ross on Wye  the other week.

The cobbler is very good Bodger - he didn't whinge about mending a horse rug, and last time I was in there he was making some 'custom made' removable arm pads to put on a wheelchair!

People's perception of shopping can differ so much though. Mostly we overhear positive comments about the individual shops in the town, but last week someone was complaining loudly that they couldn't wait to go back to some 'proper shops'!!!!

We're pretty lucky here really. We have a butcher in our "village" and in Wakefield, plus the fishmonger sells iced fish from one of the market stalls at least once a week.

We have deli's around town and there's several shoe repair places that will do other leather work although being these little lock up units its mainly shoes and bags! Plus the usual key cutting et al.

we do have several farmers markets in the area though (Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Barnsley, Pontefract etc) to even more stuff and again the market stalls have regular sellers of fresh fruit and veg - and we have a great greengrocer in Morley just a 15 minute bus ride from home too   Plus local farmer sells veg off a barrow just down the road from the house if you don't mind the walk - a lot of cars pull into their long drive to pick up the veggies during the week!

For a really good selection of fish or unplucked/unskinned game I usually head to Leeds Market which still have a fish section and a butcher's lane for good value prices.

You're really lucky to still have things like that, I fear its not the norm anymore.

4 butchers, two cobblers, 3 delis, couple of fresh bakers, a cake maker, and loads of small whole foood and organic shops within seven miles of us    plus the farmers market  

What's a small shop?
If only, if only.
Decent butchers just up the road from Barry K's place. They also sell the normal shop made sausages, burgers etc. but luckily enough have now started selling local caught wet fish, he's a licenced Game Dealer too and his Bunnies and Game Birds are shot by himself and a few friends.
(Church Rd. shops in Whitmore Way, Lada.)
Still lucky enough to have Basildon and Pitsea Markets where you can buy veg. with dirt on.
A couple of what once was, the original villages in the area, pre new town, still have a few of the old style shops but too many of us are getting into the habit of one stop shopping but to be honest, the fresh, non pre-packed meat is shyte and apart from dry goods, cleaning, washing powder etc. I really don't know why we bother, well I do, it's 5mins. away.

we have a shoe menders,
key cutting shop
even a candle
a bicycle shop
army surplus
flower shop
pet shop that sells live animals

and in the market

an ironmongers
a wool shop ( a rarity now )
fruit and veg
scond hand furniture
curtain shop, made to measure and off the rail
pet supplies

the sad thing is, the indoor market used to be the is massive, but closed down years ago......the drainage system used to run into the town river......yuk.
the town is now built over the river.

here is a bit of nostalgia for you
my grandparents outside their shop in the late 1800's


Brilliant Jane.
If you're ever up north and you get the chance to visit The Beamish Museum, then you must take it. You'd love it.


Colmans Starch
Reckitts Blue
Sunlight Soap

Is that a Mini Mog on the steps with Gramps? Era seems right

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