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Coal v Timber

Does anyone know if it makes any difference to the environment whether people burn coal or wood on their fires ?

Wood is great to burn as it is counted as having a zero carbon impact, as the small effect (smoke) that is does have is countered by the regrowing of trees. Unless of course it is wood from rain forest clear cutting where no replanting has taken place.
green man


so what should happen to the mahogany i salvage from the cabinet makers? better to burn than land fill? by burning it i save on fossil fuels.
green man

I bet it's from a sustainable supply, anyway I've just worked out that I'm going to have to plant 4000 trees if I want to have a new wood so I'll squeeze in a few extra for you and the little fish :-)
Recycling all those blades will earn you some brownie points anyway :q28:


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