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Co-op Half Price Meat

Sorry to all the organic fraternity but for those who buy bargain meat the Co op are doing beef steak and whole chicken half price.

I dont know whether this is a national offer but I'm very glad I got chatting with the till lady.

that'll be nice happy freerange non intensively reared stuff then
green man

We would all love to get premium produce but unfortunately not all of us can afford it, I would say that sounds like a very good deal bigphil sadly they have just changed our co-op to a Sainsbury store, by way of compensation it is nice to know what you buy at half price from the Co-op is probably happier dead.  

Nice spot Phil  

We have recently got a co-op store ( used to be Sommerfield). I looked at the chickens and the ones in our store were from barn reared stock. The label said they have freedom to perch and scratch about(but not outside). I looked for hock burn but couldnt see any.  Cheap enough if you are on a budget. Love Lizzie

I bought two yesterday.
No broken bones, no hock burns, flesh not two wet and not loaded with fat.
Taste not as good as the home grown we had in better times but still folk came back for second helpings (fresh sweet paprika) and loads of veg slow cooked together in my 'cauldron'.
Kids and a family friend went away from the table well fed and content.

Only you and I really know where the chicken came from and I aint tellin'.

Thanks Phil, will stop off at the Co-Op on the way home, bet i'm too late.


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