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cluck cluck gobble boom cont. ---all done !

we are only allowed two turkeys each spring , I shot the second one this morning . 20 yards , 10 bore auto , 22 pounds , 10 inch beard , 1 inch spurs .  


Oh! He's lovely! - Now, you know which one I mean!

its not me ! I can't sneak up on a glass of water!  

How do they eat compared to home raised ones---are they "gamier" like other wildfowl? unfortunately we don't have wild turkeys here so I don't know---cetainly a lot more meat than you get off a pheasant.

Would you like me to send you some teeth mate? I bet they are a bit tougher than our oven readies.

Another nice bird!

   20 yards.  Thats 60 feet.  Average tree is about 85 foot.  That puts sixty feet at the first live limb.   You do know its more sporting to let them land don't you.       Just kidding.  Good job.

Do you know what purpose the beard serves?


kinda like a macho thing ------------ who has the biggest pecker !      

Nice bird, flatiron!
We had some smoked turkey at camp one time.  I think that was the best turkey I ever ate.

Yvonne , we had turkey fingers last night . turkey strips lightly battered w/ milk and egg batter then rolled in Italian bread crumbs w/ parmesean cheese and seasonings and lightly fried in olive oil . served up w/ rice and mushroom veggie stir fry .

  Are the wild turkey as good as farm turkey ? every bite !  plus there was an exciting hunt .

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