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Close call

I am feeling lucky today.

During the first major snow fall we had been away for a couple of days. When we got back our genny was running (thats normal its fully automatic) but there was no power - eek.

Again thats not that unusual as I am always fixing it. Tried to fix it in the failing light & thought it was best to give up till the next day & start the tractor & PTO genny.

So turned the key & the engine turned over about 1/2 a turn slowly & stopped. Now that could have been due to the cold, or a bad connection & I could have kept on trying to start it but I had an inkling that there was more wrong with it so I left it.  

Fixed the original genny using a work light. So left the tractor as it was till now as its to cold for that sort of work.

So that brings us to today. My suspicion was that the heavy rain had got into the exhaust & then into the engine cylinder.

Had that happened & I turned the engine over fast it could have done some serious damage. So I whipped out all 4 injectors & then turned the engine over on the starter. Quite a lot of water was ejected out of the first 2 cylinders. Kept cranking for a bit & then again after a rest.  Once I was sure all the water was out I refitted all the bits after a quick clean on the injector nozzles. A long crank & she was away again so no damage.

I had fitted a tin can to the top of the exhaust but obviously had done so to late. I will be getting a pair of those flap things now so I can fit them to both tractors.

Been there done that with the can.

I now have exhaust weather caps fitted to all of my tractors that have straight exhausts. They are counter balanced so they close automaticly when you turn the engine off.

Simple, cheap and effective bits of kit.

Been there too also put flaps on and in storm last winter wind blew flap up so hard it stuck so made our own out of hinge and hose clip with hunk of steel for flap Works great also don't rattle
chicken feed

we used to put old mugs over ours until OH started one without removing said mug and flinging it across the yard.

we now cut the top off old squash bottles and place over so far we have never lost one in high winds etc.

That reminds me we have a tractor that when ever anyone started with can on it would fly off and come down on drivers head/sholders

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