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Clever - but will it catch on

Don't have bees myself (yet)

But have seen this

Looks to be a very clever idea, but wonder if it will catch on.

Also causes issues if you want to use the honeycomb, can't imagine the plastic tastes as good...

That popped up in my inbox this morning.

Of course it's going to catch on, because in this day and age people are fundamentally lazy. And with it being easy to do there will be that temptation to add a couple more of these frames to increase the amount of Honey harvested, and leave the Bees without sufficient stores.

However, you will still need to open the hives as normal to ensure that you have a healthy Queen right colony with brood in all stages, and to keep an eye out for problems, pests and diseases etc. control potential swarming and to make sure the colony is well maintained.

We had this on our TV the other night and the real idea is for hobby keepers more than real keepers.

Yes, and that is where the problems will arise from. I am already involved in another internet conversation where comfortably off, middle class hippy non-bee keepers think this is an absolutely wonderful thing because tapping their own unpasteurised local raw "Organic" honey isn't going to be a scary proposition with angry bees buzzing about all over the place................... and after all they're doing it to support the beleaguered Bees aren't they!?

However, in the short and medium term this particular product is going to present issues which in the longer term will cause catastrophe throughout the Bee populations in areas and possibly even whole regions where there is a substantial percentage of these easy tap hives in use.

Bee specific disease, parasite and pest control will not be undertaken, and neither will swarm control on the frame and in the hive be done, because the aforementioned MC Hippies will think they are doing the right and ethical thing by leaving everything alone .......... well, wake up and taste the Honey folks... nothing was ever gained without work, dedicated effort and sound management, and like all other livestock the European Honey Bee needs the correct husbandry, and control to thrive.

Swarm control on the frame and in the hive is the main reason that Keith and I had such a good and productive year last year, and repeating those actions undertaken by us will be repeated this year.

My Local guru calls such people Hive attendants, they don't really appreciate the art of beekeeping, but with a little glint of avarice in their eye they want to know when they will get the honey, rather than learning about their bees and regarding any honey as a by-product. I'm not saying us beekeepers are immune to such things of course because we're not but at least we appreciate that looking after the bee produces better results than the all out strive for produce.

I don't know if you've read their website Gareth? but they talk about their motivation to invent this device was being stung by bees from an aggressive colony, that I can understand but when you read more they not only had to patch up their bee suit with gaffa tape but only had one glove! That's not the approach of someone who cares for the bee that's someone who only wants the honey.

They also seem to imply that you can just drain the honey and sell the jar, While that might work in nice warm Australia, in cold damp old Europe there's all the ripening that no one will bother with, and then they'll wonder why the honey has fermented.

I suppose one saving grace is that they use the Langstroth hive in Australia, and this device is made for that style of hive. so at least anyone wanting to use it on a National will have to use some skill to modify it to fit or spend out lots of cash with a hive suppler for the uncommon Langstroth equipment.

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