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Ciders tried recently

Hi all,

I'm back after a somewhat enforced absence (no, I wasn't banged up in nick - only at home).

I'm sorry that this is all disjointed but I've got a glass of Pussers Rum in front of me to aid my memory!

Went to Winchester beerex in March and had Jez Howatt's 146 cider from Southampton, very nice.

Spent an enjoyable hour at the Olde Cider Bar in Newton Abbot last month supping Winkleigh Sam's Dry.

Last week it was the turn of Reading beer festival with 550 beers and 217 ciders - I didn't try them alll I'm ashamed to say. Did have a couple of ciders though, Rose Grant's Cider by Rosie and Roger Wilkins dry. This was the CAMRA national cider competition hence the large number of ciders there. They asked for volunteer judges for the competition - no I didn't - I would have to try and judge sweet ciders which I regard as the devil's brew.

Had a look at an old cider press at the Science Museum reserve collection at Wroughton (Nr Swindon) last month but that will have to be the subject of another post.

Went to St Malo about 8 weeks ago and had two very nice dry Normandy ciders there. One was served in what appeared to be a teacup, though it had the name of the cider on the side.

Better knock this on the head now before you fall asleep. I've got about 18 months of catching up to do!!

Cheers and beers

Pete Y


Ive just come back from a 4 day Cider production course in hereford - and am knackered.  Started at 8.45 each day, and finished at 8.30ish most nights (visits to cider makers and a tour of Westons).

learnt loads and am now revaluating where I want to go commercially with cider making - not as profitable as I first thought.

tasted some lovely stuff (and introduced to perry for the first time), also tasted some rubbish (and some commerciallymade rubbish at that)

Hi Pete. Its nice to have you back

This last few weeks I've been tasting my own cider as I attempt to blend it into something agreeable. In the next few weeks I hope to send two IBC's off down to the Forest of Dean to have 2000 litres bottled and labelled.

Lorraine there is profit for the small cider maker and it lies in getting a premium price for a premium product, in sourcing your apples for nothing, or at least very little and in not having to pay the excise that anyone making more than 7000 litres has to pay.
If you go up to just below the threshold, then that will give 14000 X 500mil bottles to sell. That really is a good starting turnover and then its up to you to source apples, bottles and labels as reasonably as you can.

Ohhh those were the days!  sams old dry, Cornish orchard, inches stonehouse and moonshine.  Oh how i miss them.

Closest i get these days is asdas special elderflower and apple cordial, can almost pretend its the real deal!!

Cornish orchard started relatively recently but it really is top notch stuff. think they started quite small, they now have planted more trees and also have bees to aid pollination.

they will also juice your apples that you take to them and bottle them up as still apple juice. thats what i am hopeing to do when i have enough trees and apples!!

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