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I'm about to visit a few local pubs to see if I can sell them some of my cider.
I have jumped through all the hoops re. licence, local council, customs and excise, etc. but I don't have a clue about how much it's worth.  
Can you help ?
I'm thinking of bag in a box rather than bottles.
Any help or thoughts welcome. Thanks.

I've not looked at this forum recently due to poor health, so I've only just seen this post. I'm no expert, but how about approaching other producers for their price lists, or even approaching a few publicans to find out how much they pay for their cider? No harm in asking..


I get two pounds a pint but I have little or no competition when it comes to locally produced cider but my friends down in Herefordshire were pretty envious of the price that I was getting.

Thanks for that gents.
Prices around here have to be "competitve" or people just will not buy (I think it was Yorkshire men who taught the Scots how to look after their money)  
One customer commented on my duck egg price "aren't they dear". My price, 2.50 per doz, Tesco's price, 5.00 per doz.
My apple juice is going well at 1.50 per 500ml bottle though.
Talking of bottles Bodger, where do you buy yours from please?
I am strugling to find a supplier.
I'm looking for at least a pallet of clear, 500ml Beer/Cider bottles (crown cap) plus smaller amounts of various screw top water/juice bottles.
Hope you can help.

Not being cheeky, but with my housewifely hat firmly on; I wouldn't sell by the dozen. Sell by the half dozen and let folks multiply them up if they want.
Half dozen free range hens eggs at the farmer's market are 1.50.
Aldi's sell 'organic' free range hens eggs at 1.49 the half dozen.

I would expect to pay more for duck and goose eggs.


Brewer, the cheapest duck eggs I can find

Brewer, the cheapest duck eggs I can find are in a small local store, at 1.85 for six (3.70 a dozen), sourced from a local farm. At my local Waitrose, as I remember, they're about 2.50 for six, but Tesco and ASDA don't seem to sell them here at all. So yours are amazingly cheap and excellent value.

However, I can buy apple juice in supermarkets for about 70p a litre, but that's very probably basic stuff imported from the continent, whilst yours is almost certainly pure quality. It's like comparing artificially fizzy factory-produced cider with traditional cider from a local farm. There is no comparison; one is almost poison to taste, the other: divine nectar.

So yes, offer good value, but don't sell yourself or your produce short. It's pointless trying to compete with other people's rubbish..


Any free samples..??  


Brewer, if you come down to our area at all, I have half a pallet of beer bottles that you can have for the taking.

Bodger, thanks for the very kind offer  
The 400 mile round trip makes it a none starter for me I'm afraid.
It's a real shame as it would also have been great to meet you, have a natter about cider making and perhaps taste each other's ciders.
Thanks again.

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