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cider ed

cider question

Have 5 djs ready to rack off . They have been on the yeast since mid Nov.  Once racked off do I need to add sugar syrup.
Also is it recommended to pasteurise? Once racked off how long before I bottle up.
Any other tips or suggestions greatly appreciated

Hi Ed, nice to see you.

I'd rack off and carefully put your cider into containers, taking it up to the very top to exclude any air and sealing it well.
I'd taste the cider to see how it is. With our cider, we sweeten it, if required, just before drinking it or selling it.
As far as sterilizing it, if you stelrize the container then that should do the job for both the vessel and the cider.

Bodger, are you using splenda?  tablets or loose?

Splenda? Whats that? To sweeten, we use good old Tate and Lyle carefully weighed out.
cider ed

So for a 500ml bottle how much would I add?

Its all down to taste and the sort of cider you like. You might not have to add any sugar at all.

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