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Cider generations past

Going through old family photos I came across this one of my Great Grandfather (left) transporting some of his cider.

Thats absolutely fantastic. That picture has really sent me. Please have another look and see what else you have in the album.

What a great photo...  thanks for sharing it with us all  

Before the days of red tape.... Great grandfather on right


...and finally his son my grandfather


A flash back to the past, excellent pics.

A piece of home made crackling washed down with cider, what could be best.

Cracking photos. That must be one hell of a big horse on the right in the last picture, his legs look huge against the other horse and your grandfather



Got any more?

Keep them coming

I've been searching the house all over ever since Sandrar posted her fantastic family pictures. I finally found these today, they're a set of four that I bought from the Herefordshire cider Museum a few years ago. One day I must get around to having them framed.
Time machine anyone ? How I wish.

I wish I could say that some of my ancestors were in the photographs but I'm a first generation cider boozer.

I wish I could say that some of my ancestors were in the photographs but I'm a first generation cider boozer.

Both my mother and my husband were brought up on cider. At present we are renvovating my MIL's house, (she died last year) just outside the back door is the cider/apple house.

We also have what could possibly be one of the last bottles of my uncle(in laws) cider on the go. He is 83 and has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Super photos they would look great framed.

Pete's mum at school!! (we of the tiny ones!....)

He thinks this is his Grandad...


His dad on the farm

He thinks this is his great-uncle...


I do love seeing old photos
I spent a lot of time researching my family tree and struggled for a long time finding information on one family member. I must admit it brought a lump to my throat when I came face to face with her in an old photo.

I have more old photos here if anyone is interested

If you have ten minutes to spare, there are some nice old pictures amongst this lot.

C.D does it say Aubourn on that lorry??? We lived in the Station Keepers Cottage just up the road at Harmston. The estate fields came right up to our house. Small world! Love Lizzie

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