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A selection of what ive grown  still to open fully


Mate you are a clever Richard. They are very nice. Do you show them?What are the different ones called?

What method do you use to grow them?

They are gorgeous, really vibrant colours  

When ive a minute i will describe my way of growing them from cuttings and will list the names of them
They are all exhibition stuff but as yet ive not found any local shows which have a class for them its seems in the south there not so widely grown unlike the north where i first started with them
Rare one

I like what I see very much , would be interested in hearing how you cultivate yours when you get a chance.

Funny there used to be plenty of show classes for chrysanthemums round Banbury when I was a kid and that's down sarf.  

I can almost smell them, I love the lilac colour so delicate  

some early national chrysanthemums card winners at bingley hall 2009


when was this show?


second saturday in september, the late national held at the same place is friday6th november and saturday 7th november

Are those bags around the flowers to stop the earwigs? I seem to remember some old dude putting paper bags over his years and years ago, and I'm SURE thats what he said..

Forgive my daft question, but I know nothing of growing flowers for shows!


although the OH didnt grow to show this year and concentrated on hybridising new varieties he did grow a few of this new variety just for interest and he tried the new airated transparant bag instead of the greaseproof paper bags to see if the flower sweated in it??? the results were good and yes you are correct in thinking the bags keep earwigs off the flowers along with all other pests. Only problem with bags is if you lock a pest in the bag when you put it on


Jim ....they are truely beautiful....won't show you my poor specimens...even though one or two neighbors and visitors have commented ...1.99 for 6 from Morr .........   sons  
They look good..but nay a patch on yours...    

Best vase Best exhibit containing best bloom at derby horticultural show belonging to philip griffiths of chesterfield

Example of large jap chrysanthemum also at derby show.
green man

They look stunning, thanks for the photos.

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