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Chutney Quest !

Please put your best ever chutney recipes on this thread and then other members can have a go at making it.
I'm a chutney, pickles and relish virgin but its a situation that I intend remedying in the near future.  

we like this one:

There are heaps of others, just put chutney in the search box

runner bean chutney is a must.  I have to grow an extra row every year just to make enough for Sid and it sells out on the stall straight away.  An ideal way to use up those over grown stringy beans that you miss when picking but doesn't have to be runners any green beans will do.  Also, is a cheats chutney so no boiling and reducing for hours - ready to put in half an hour

For an easy chutney to use up a glut of rhubarb, I use this one. It's very popular among my family and friends:

this is one I've used for the last couple of years I combined the best bits from 2/3 recipes

3lb toms
1.5 pints vinegar
2lb soft brown sugar
1 lb apples
a few chillis
a big dollop of mustard
lots of black pepper
1 lb marrow
big dollop of honey(which I forgot to mention & I didnt produce that but I did swap it for a rabbit)
1 large onion
I threw it all in jam pan heated it up a little added the sugar then brought to boil and dropped to simmer , it took 3 hrs to reduce my nan said I would know when its right, turn the heat down low run a cold spoon over the surface if it creates a furrow that slowly goes back its ready, allow to cool a fair bit so the contents are mixed all the way through in the warmed jars


Do you have the recipe for your runner bean chutney to hand.

Having planted in excess of 55 runner beans seeds this year and intend on planting on every one that sprouts, i have a feeling I may need someway of using them rather than continually freezing or giving them away


I've done a Three Sisters chutney before - using up a glut of runner beans and marrows, then adding frozen sweetcorn.

Hoping my Padron peppers make it past the snail food stage, so I can have fun with preserving at the end of the season.

What about green tomato chutney...can't remember the exact recipe...but cardamon seed...loverly and warming...great stuff..

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