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chutney face off

well today at 2pm in the Greyhound at Sutton Bridge on the A17 we are having a Chutney comp so far tho theres only 3 of us its free to enter and theres no prizes its just for the kudos and a giggle if you want to take part in the tasting or have a chutney come along


What do they actually do in a chutney face off ?
You're new here Darren but if you don't take your camera and get some pictures of procedings, we'll probably never talk to you again.

Worth leaving the camera at home then.  
welsh lamb

Bit far for me to come with my 3 flavours - but post the flavours sampled   on here to give us ideas (shut up Bazzer )

lol will get some one to take pics just moved back into village and camera is yet to be found
really its me the land lord and the cafe owner sat talking a load of dogs wots its whilst building upto Arthur Guinness's birthday talking about what to do with our green toms and we decided to make chutney this then became a my dads bigger than your dad situation and we had a chutney challenge
something to remember tho
1 non of us had ever made chutney before
2 Steve(landlord) and I had never even tasted tom chutney before so neither of us would even know a good one

catagories are as follows
1 best with cheese
2 best with crackers
3 best with cold meat
all whilst the GP is on  and drinking guinness very nearly heaven

btw mine had sultanas and raisins
red onion normal onion marrow toms chillis tabasco
worcester sauce vinegar mustard ginger garlic and the last bit of honey out of one jar because it looked like I may have needed the jar then a splash of dark rum and a couple of pound of soft brown sugar and a some apples(braeburn cos they were handy) boiled and reduced
to me it tastes like heaven and she who insists on obedience loves it as well

You should have said earlier. We've got some chutney wizards on here It would have been easy to have had some posted to you, so that you could have slipped a ringer or two in. Fair play and the like just doesn't come into this sort of event.

nearly bought some victorian chutney out of asdas the chip on the left shoulder was saying do it the one on the right won for a change

Think I may have posted this elsewhere but no harm in posting again.

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