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I have just done a 18km pleasure ride on my mare. Despite our combined ages totalling 48 we finished full of running. It was all on sandy Forestry tracks and the weather was glorious and so warm for November, I think we shall both sleep well tonight. Love Lizzie

I meant to say our ages are 68 not 48 - that would make me 28 which would be nice!!!! Lizzie

Sounds utterly and completely Blissful!!!!!

Yes Sounds a great way to spend time

"Despite our combined ages totalling 48 "

I read that and thought OMG I must now be really old - combined age with my OH would 89    


That sounds great fun
How long did it take you to get round?

It took us 2 and a quarter hours. Love lizzie

Fantastic! Can't wait till I'm back in the saddle!

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