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Christmas Pressie

Just given the bees their belated Chrissie pressie of fondant today--all hives seem O.K. but it's very early days--we had 2 colonies we weren't hopefull about surviving. How are other beekeepers doing?

Hi Lottie, I put 7 colonies to bed in the autumn and checked them last week. All 7 still doing ok but the next 2 months will the acid test. They all have quite a bit of stores left. Just hope they all come through.

Checked both of mine today and it looks like they didn't make it

So Sorry to hear that--it's really gutting when it happens, we're just keeping everything crossed here--we lost 2 colonies last spring that seemed o.k.

I went into mine yesterday to administer the oxalic acid varroa treatment, I know I'm a bit late doing this but all 16 hives were alive. Quite a mixed bag some are very strong,and some not quite so.Some milder weather on the way so some eggs will soon be being laid, so here's to the new season.

I checked mine yesterday.
Both are queen right, with eggs and plenty of stores  
One has emerging brood too!

Both have stores going in so I'm hopeful this year could be good!!


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