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Christmas Flowers

What are your favourite indoor plants at this time of year?

I love cyclamen (probably because I can't seem to kill them off, they wilt if they want water, they perk up when I water them ) and always have one in a cooler room of the house - I got one at the weekend and it usually lasts through to the spring.

Another favourite is watching hyacinth bulbs develop and then getting hit by the scent whenever you enter the room.

Christmas (and Easter) cacti have never appealed to me as they are soooo boring for the rest of the year

I like hyacinths, hate poinsettia,and think Amaryllis are fun, but my favourite was a huge christmas cactus I'd had for years that really was lovely when it was covered in flowers and I managed to leave it when I moved here.

Roses, Violets most flowers are out for Christmas

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