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Chocolate anyone?

Do you fall into the love or hate chocolate with alcohol category?

I couldn't resist this when I saw it today

Although I'm less sure how it will taste

The description on the back describes it as a deep, ruby red wine blended with rich, velvety chocolate flavouring. Inviting aromas of black cherry and dark cocoa combine in the glass and continue on the palate surrounded by hints of sweet vanilla. Nuances of creamy mocha linger on the smooth finish.

We will have a tasting session at the weekend but I have the feeling that you can't beat a glass of red wine (or lager) and a chunk of Cadbury's Milk Chocolate
(I am in the love chocolate and alcohol category )


I saw this in a shop a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked intriguing! Let us know what it's like!  

We await test results    

If you need help with the peer review......

We've just watched a rerun on TV of "Amanda" with the chocolate penis' but no wine  

Don't need to spoil wine by adding chocolate flavouring, natural or not! Try a Montepulciano, if you though wine tasters talked nonsense when they say they can taste all sorts of things in wine the chocolate taste in one of these will convince you otherwise.

Ah so thats why i  like monty so much!  back when i was still drinking there was nothing i loved more than a pack of maltesers with my drink.  Guys up the pup thought i was strange (well I am a bit) but prefered choc with my cider or wine to peanuts or crisps.  think it is the sweet and sour thing.

hope it tastes good!
Kirribindi Farm

We can get shiraz infused chocolate here. Good quality chocolate too.
A choc/orange mead is very nice on a cold night.


Kirribindi Farm wrote:
We can get shiraz infused chocolate here.

That sounds luxurious but I still think that I am going to prefer them both separately - I'll report back when we've opened it

I like chocolate and bacon and my E.D. bought me a bar of dark chocolate with crispy bacon strips in from the duty free shop which I thought would be awful but was actually delicious--so always worth tasting stuff before you decide.

lottie that reminded me we had Nigela on tv last week making a chocolete bars with salted peanuts in it sounds yummy

Have you tried it yet kaz?  
Never fancied trying choccy alcohol, though I like both.

has anyone tried Chocolate Guinness cake?  It is absolutely gorgeous!  

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