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Chilli Peppers?

This year, I've grown hundreds of chilli peppers of several different varieties in the polytunnel. I should have thought about this earlier, but what's the best way to preserve the? I have some of the small red ones which I imagine will be quite easy to dry but some of them are the fleshy ones like the ones you get with your kebabs.

have a look at this one  

Thanks for the post, Bodger, and for the link, Goodlife.
We have loads of chilli peppers as well, lots of good ideas on the link  
Think I am going to be busy  

Dried is best. Just thread them through the stalk end on cotton with a needle and hang them up to dry. They look really attractive too.Love Lizzie

For the 'fleshy' ones, maybe a piccalilli relish?

As for all the spicy ones, I totally agree with Lizzy! And you can keep them hanging while you are in the process of using, after they're dried. (Just dust them every now and again... ...)

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