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Chilli beef soup

well a while ago I did pulled pork in the slow cooker and this germ of an Idea started to form and today I tried it out, here it is...

2 large onions
4 green chillies
4 slices of streaky bacon
2 cloves of garilc
soy sauce
can of kidney beans
beef stock
500g shin ( or tough but flavourful) beef

I pureed 1 onion, 2 chillies and the soy sauce with a little water to make it a but looser, this went into a zip lock bag with the beef that I had stabbed with a skewer to marinade over night
this morning i chopped up the streaky and put it in a pan to render the fat down while chopping the onion, chilli and garlic which all went into the bacon pan for a fry.
once it had softened I added the kidney beans and gave it a quick fry, this helped to warm it up before it went into my small slow cooker,
in the same pan went the lump of beef whole, this was browned off and the marinade added, this was fried a bit and then added to the slow cooker on top of the bean mix,
the beef stock was heated in the fry pan to deglaze and get all the flavours out and then into the slow cooker with the lid on for the day while I was at work.
It took about 5 mins this morning.
i have just pulled the lump of meat out and shredded it with a couple of forks and added it back to the pot with a few gravy granules and it is fantastic.
the meat is tender and flavourful with just the right amount of spice and the beans are soft and juicy.
We are avoiding carbs for a couple of days a week to aid weight loss and this soup means we can have a fantastic yummy chilli with out the carbs.
the fact you can use a cheaper cut of meat makes it a great credit crunch meal and if you wanted to put in a spoon of rice in the bottom of the bowl to streach it it would still be fantastic.

well Pils  i tried the pulled pork and this looks like a must try too

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