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Chickens & ducks for sale - Wales - couple more added

need to cut down due to OHs health so have the following, most POL
Buff Orp LF pullet, 2012 hatch, POL
Campine pullet, 2012 POL
Appenzeller pullet, 2012 POL
Black (with white bib) booted pullet, 2012 POL  - looks like pingu!
trio of Silkie x, cream with orange splash, very pretty birds, 2012, POL

Gold birchen pekin x brahma pullet, 2012 laying

2 blue quail dutch, 2012, in lay

LS x CLB boy 2012, approx 20 weeks - should pass on blue egg laying gene to daughters, similar to dad in colour

Pekin boy 2012,20 weeks,  black/ginger, dad lavender, mum choc mottled

can take to Welsh National

Buff Orphington and the silkies please, how much? only live in Usk so how local is that to you?

have pm'ed you  

also have a buff sabelpoot boy 20 weeks

and a white/black Muscovy & an Aylesbury type, white,  believe both girls, approx 10 weeks

Still for sale, one of the silkie x girls has just started laying   wont be long til she goes broody  

also have a pair of Light Sussex x CLB POL for sale. Pullet should lay pale green eggs. Dad is a bantam, mum LF.  

if you check out  the LSxCLB is similar.

Other silkie x girl laid 1st egg today.

Also pair of Gold Silkies, pullet recently started laying. They are bearded. ideally would like these to go with the buff orp as they were all raised together & are friends.

still available

Last chance for the boys = going tomorrow evening.

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