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Chickens and bees ?

I showed my mate my new chicken set up yesterday and its proximity to the bees. He then told me about a couple who'd kept their chickens close to the bees and that they'd had chickens killed by them. This quite naturally is of some concern to me. Anyone else had experience of this?

Gosh, never heard of that before! But...I suppose it can be possible...

The only experience I've had with animals and bees is when (at our old yard) Bob, our big 17.2 monster-horse, had an underground swarm in his stable, we had noticed fat bumblers going in and out....but they didn't seem to concern him or us.....

Until oneday when it was so hot we brought him in, one of those days that threatens a storm, ya know....and I went to check he had enough hear an awful buzzing sound....

Those bees had all come out (because it was so hot maybe...?) and god knows how many were all up Bob's leg....!!!

He was COVERED in bees! Yet...he didn't seemed all! There were bees everywhere...all up the walls.....pootling about....!

I sent Pete in to get him out....!

Never seen anything like that at all....

Would it be the noise the chickens make that the bees don't like?  

I sound really dim here...but I am intriuged!

Last year we had three hives ( more were added after the photo was taken) Although fenced off the sheep grazed in the same field, we also had the weaners close by- no problems other than when a lamb managed to squeeze through a gap, he did get stung on the ear and sported rather a lopsided look for a day or two but otherwise fine. This year the chickens have free access to the area so I would be interested to hear more.


I don't have chickens, but I know beekeepers who do. Apparently no problems even with chickens around the beehives. You can feed culled drone brood to the chickens too.

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