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I refuse to buy chicken portions, especially the breasts! I just find they're far too expensive, & I can't justify spending that kind of money on supermarket rubbish.

I always buy birds from the butcher (if I'm not using one of my own), & joint them myself. Here's how I do it, hopefully this'll be of some use...........  

First, place the bird on its back, & make two cuts between the thigh & the breast.............

Turn the bird over, & 'pop' the thigh joints out of their socket.........if you pull the entire thigh & drumstick up & away from the breast, you'll feel it come out

With a sharp knife, start off at the forward end of the thigh, making sure your first cut takes in the 'oyster' (that's the wee nugget of muscle at the very front of the thigh)

Run the knife along until you reach the balljoint, then make another cut from the back of the thigh, as close to the pelvis as you can get. You want to leave as much meat as possible on the thigh..........

Once the legs are off, you can split them, or leave them as they are, depending on what you want to do with them.

Next step is to take off the wings as close to the breast as you can, without taking any of the breast meat with them........

Skin the breast (or leave it on if you prefer? You'll need to be careful with the knife though, as it'll 'skid' on the skin) and run your knife through the breast, using the sternum to guide the edge, & ensure you get as much meat off the carcass as possible..........

When the blade hits the wishbone, push down firmly & the bone will split, allowing you to remove the breast on that side........

You can then trim out the wishbone.............

The other breast is taken off in the same way, with the exception that the first cut starts at the front of the sternum, & takes off the rest of the wishbone.........

And there you have it! This can be done in about a minute flat, once you have the hang of it

Thanks for the tips.  Sure do like your knife.  Looks like its made of some good steel.

Thanks BB  

It's actually ancient! It was part of a carving set my grandparents received as a wedding present. The blade's beautifully flexible, & razor sharp. Ideal for filleting fish & other odd jobs like that. The only problem is keeping it rust-free, as it's made of carbon steel. And the bone handle needs to be bleached. Still my favourite knife though  

Good one.
This post will end up in the 'How too section' too.
Anyone use any variations on this method ? I suppose there might be differences depending upon how you intend cooking your chicken.

Well I have to admit up until now I have sort of followed this method although if you'll pardon the pun the chicken has always been a little "butchered".

Thanks for that Woodsmoke, I'm going to see if I can follow this next time and do a "neater" job of this than normal!

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