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Dave C

Chicken Run floor

I've always had movable houses or a permanent run that is opened daily to let the birds free range.
I've now set up some permanent breeding / finishing pens and the runs are getting muddy.

What do you use on the floor ?

I have access to a lot of sawdust, hay and straw !

I have found that wood chip/bark works best for me.
It lets the rain through but doesn't get soggy or muddy. I just top it up a couple of times in the winter, it copes OK in summer but we are in a dry part of the country.
The down side is cost unless you know a friendly tree surgeon.  

Dave I'm sure that you've seen pictures of my pens and dependant on the size of the runs, I find it best to try and fix some kind of waterproof top to the runs.
Dave C

I've just made a 60' X 30' temporary run along side it for them to go into during the day, which should give them some breathing space.

Think I will put some chunky sawdust down as I have 4 dumpy bags full, ha.

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