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chicken lighting?

I know its summer, but I'm thinking ahead,,,, we've just built out hen house and run, still to put a window in, so opening the main shed door ajar in the mornings to let the light in. ( 1/3 of the shed is the hen house and secured with lower boarding and upper wire across wooden batons so safe from Mr fox.

I'm wondering what to do ( on a budget ) in the winter for lighting.

Its too far away to run electric from the house and ideally a light would be on a timer. I don't want to let them out too early in the winter as its a way from the house and it will be dark and Mr fox most certainly will be on the prowl I reckon.

Any suggestions? Have I missed something fantabulous on eBay maybe?

My OH suggested something with a car battery maybe?

Wondering what everyone else does ( posted on her not the poultry section as I'm thinking of lighting the dogs kennel too)

While lighting does improve your chances of getting winter eggs I believe that the age of your chickens is equally as important. If you get POL chickens such as Warren hybrids at the start of the winter, I've always found that I've got a supply of eggs more or less throughout the winter months. Light from a car battery will not be sufficient.

Thanks bodger, I'll aim to get another 2-3 in the autumn then. With not being outside so much in the winter, there will be a lot more baking going on hopefully, so I'll need the eggs .

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