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Chicken coop plans

Can anyone direct me to some chicken coop plans. I would like to make my own if possible with some liberated pallets.

Any advice would be great.

Thank you.

I have a book that I've leant out to several members. I think that Jonty was the last one to borrow it. He let me have it back after he'd built a belter for his MIL. PM me you address if you want to lend it.

There are a fair few free sets of chicken coop plans here (over 10 pages of them), and you can download and save them as PDF files so you can print them off for use while you are building your chicken coop Free Chicken Coop Plans

And, if you are ripping down pallets to relaim the timber, you'll need one of my pallet reclamation bars. .... ...... ..... today I had Lois (all 8 stones 5lbs of her) breaking down 2 metre wide X 4 metre long, close boarded heavy duty pallets: 12 boards to a side and 6 stringers, all held together with 3 inch ring nails; and it only took her 45 minutes to reclaim 3 of these super sized pallets with one of my 1 metre long bars .... no split planks, no damaged timbers, and no sweat.

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