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Chicken and Mushroom pie

We've adapted an online recipe and we use our own chicken in it....

1 tbsp veg oil
8 skinless boneless chicken thighs (or a free range cockerel )
8 rashers of streaky bacon cut into large pieces
2 leeks sliced
1 onion sliced
250 g sliced mushrooms
2 tbsp plain flour
400 ml chicken stock
1 tin of condensed mushroom soup (original recipe states 200 ml milk)
large pinch of thyme, tarragon & black pepper
A roll of frozen puff pastry.

Heat the oil and fry the chicken if not alreaady cooked.
Remove chicken and fry bacon for 5 minutes until crisp.
Add leeks, onion and mushrooms and fry for another 3 minutes.
Tip in the flour and cook for 1 minute.
Take the pan off the heat and stir in the stock, soup/milk and herbs/pepper.
Add the chicken and bring back to the boil for 30 minutes.

Cut the pastry to indivudual sizes and cook in the oven to top off the pie

We store portions of the pie filling in the freezerto use as needed.

Oh YUMMM! Gonna be making this!!! Thanks for sharing! ... Any pics of the end product?

that DOES sound good ! we do like tarragon with chicken , we put a couple of portions in a tin rub lightly with a spot of olive oil ,sprinkle with garlic granules and then sprinkle a fair amount of tarragon over it "the oil makes the tarragon and garlic stick"then a good squirt of lemon (out of one of those green bottles) cover with foil in the oven at about 160 for 20 mins then off with the foil and up the temp and bast with the lemon juices a couple of times until done, we have it with cous cous with a few bits and pieces in it  like raisins, peas and chopped peppers or what ever is at hand at the time

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