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Cheshire Gane and Angling Fair - Peover Hall, WA16 9HM

Sunday 15th August 2010.  A great little show.  Terrier and lurcher showing, terrier racing and all the stalls, displays that you would expect.  Last year i brushed up on my fly casting, this year i want to sort my double haul cast!!!

A nice hall as well with a coffee shop...all we need now is the weather.


The double haul......when your left hand doesn't know what your right hand is doing....  

Be sure to take a big bucketful of 'sense of humour'.....oh.....and have a good day..

Lol, the old double haul........................

Best tip I can give you is don't pull until you feel the rod being fully-loaded. On both the back cast, and the fore.......................

And by the way? It won't work properly with anything other than a WF!  

Cheat. Use a Shooting Head.

lol.... it will all be dependant on whether the fly fishing instructor has his WF!!!!   last year no one was using him until i went over, brushed up on my casting and never thought to get him to show me the double haul.

to me it seems like that rubbing your tummy whilst patting your head thing!!!

sure it will suddenly come together.  i have managed without for 30 years but would like to add it to my aresnal....


Kaz and I start a week off tomorrow, I'll see if I can persuade her to go to the show.
TokaS would be great to meet and put another face to the OTG crowd!!!  Showing for the terriers starts at 1pmish and they are hoping to do some racing in the main arena at 12noon and 3pm i think so we wont be far from either of those.

will be trawling the stalls then...sure there will be something i need in there somewhere....


Its about 30 something years since I last went to the Peover Show.

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