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Cheers to Malcom AKA Brewer 66  

Karen and myself met up with him fleetingly in Stoke on Trent  yesterday. I gave him four young Light Sussex cockerels and in return he gave he kindly us have three  bottles of his home brewed wine and very nice it was to. When we got home, we sat out in the garden and enjoyed a glass or three.

Heres to Chateau Hob Loft.
Yorkshire Geordie

Wow, how lucky you are.  
It would seem, therefore, that bartering is making a comeback, perhaps since Brexit.  
Long may it last - that's what friends are for.  

Yup Now if anyone would like to save the lives of a load of Ancona cockerels?

A good night was had by all - we had relatives visiting and we sat outside around a fire 'tasting' the  different wines  

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