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Cheeky blighter!

Went down to make elevenses and was greeted by an incredible sight.

One of the local cats (a chunky grey & white thing I call Smudger) was at the back door.  Or rather hanging on to the window frame and looking in, yowling to be let in.   I gave in as he was beginning to make holes in the putty.

He went straight to the kitchen and polished off Sheba's snack, then went exploring (last week I caught him asleep on top of a bookcase).  All was quiet and peaceful until he came to have a look round the office/study and dislodged something.  Sheba woke up and chased him downstairs.  Had him on his back pleading for mercy before I could get downstairs.  Only found chunks of grey or white fluff so doubt Smudger landed a blow on Sheba.  I let him out before there was any more trouble.

He won't be trying that for a while!

I read it as a local rat icon_rolleyes.gif

Our cat has access to the kitchen at night through an open window but we kept 'smelling' cat in the mornings - a local Tomcat was following her in and spraying on the television   :q20:

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