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Cheeky bargain!!

Posted already in a thread on the horsey bit but...
Have to get rugs for my new neddy as we need to clip him as he's such a sweaty betty!
Popped into a shop today just for a look, got talking to the sales assistant...who happened to have a good as new rug her SIL had bought that was too small-but just the size I was looking for! Did I want it for 20?!!  Oh yes!  (fortunately her boss wasn't in today!!) Then she knocked me another 15 off one in the shop too.  Very pleased I decided to pop in!!

What a bargain
Doodle got some 'bargains' as well last weekend from a venue in Warwickshire
green man

Congratulations on your bargain freckle,

Lucky you, having spent 130 last month on a turnout rug and then a stable rug for Holly I am very envious. I never find bargains when I go shopping, or if I did they wouldnt fit and I would then have to sell them and get something more expensive


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