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Cheap(er!) Trip!

Planning our trip to Edinburgh next week and have managed to get some fab deals and discounts along the way! Accommodation booked-not that cheap but managed to get 40 off originally quote.
Train from York to Edinburgh return, 1 adult and 3 kids, using family railcard-45.30!! I thought we'd be spending hundreds but a little bit of work goes a long way!
Free swim at fancy hotel with the Nestle Go Free vouchers-we have tons because there's nowhere close to us to redeem any!
Discount vouchers for a lot of the attractions, also for Pizza Express and some other eateries.
Thanks to Money Saving Expert and a bit of graft I won't be spending as much as I anticipated.....unless we hit the shops!!  

Monster Mash restaurant is good value for a huge plate of sausage, mash and gravy freckle   It is my regular haunt each time!

Sauasage of day, 3 choices of mash and 3 of gravy. Bit of a worn-down american diner style look to it which is grand.

And the icrecream ball rolled in corn flakes and quick deep-fried is heaven   (with a zig zag of choc sauce all over plate too )

If you want a day out get the train from Waverley - North Berwick and go to Seabird Centre
if kids like that sort of thing - bit of walk from station (10 mins) - special deal on National Rail for ticket and entry together(if buying on day take a print out of page where it still states that there's no closing date on this offer - you know what the rail people can be like):

But has a grand cafe and shop too!!! Plus if weather any good in autumn the Sula II boat may still be running trips round Bass Rock (can't remember if in Autumn it is Saturdays only by now!! (This is a little pricey), you need sea legs at this time of year   Katharine is generally more up for it than her dad - LOL!

There's a few nice castles and things if there are connecting buses to them   Dirleton Castle and Tantallon - believe if nothing else there is a connector bus in N.B. that goes out to Tantallon via :deep breathe: tesco's (:evil9: )!

Aha you two ! East meets west !    

Poor Freckle's thinking of heading over to see us at some point to drop the buggy off Bodger - DOUBLE TROUBLE    
welsh lamb

Royal Yaucht Brittania is berthed in Leith & worth a trip if you have time.
We bought a day bus pass - only a few quid I recall

Monster Mash gets my vote too elephant5.gif
Digindeep thats the place I've always wanted to go....but only for the Tatoo....worked there on a few occassions...but never realy seen the city/town...
The tatoo is one of my earliest memories....staying W/ends with me 'ole Gran..allowed to stop up late to watch black & white...10-12 inch tele...toasted pikelets and cut bloomer loaf...toasted in the one noticed or mentioned the burning bread....or even cared...still  tasted gooooood  
'ole Pops (Grandad) ran the commentry.....usually he never ever spoke...  honestly....the only other time you could get somewhere near a conversation...were when the cricket was on or we were at Edgebaston...  
'An that were more than fifty year back...
worked in Edinburgh  , but never seen that one dream  out yet....  there's time..  

Sorry if you feel I've 'Ijacked your thread.realy didn't mean too just bought back some very  good memories..have a great is a beautiful city.....

PS...train deals ....a couple of w/ends ago...Daughters boyfriend decided to go up from Litchfield to playing up ...went on line....
8.50 return....almost door to door....   ..bargain...

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