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Cheaper parcel delivery service

I just thought that I would post up a link to the Interparcel website.

They are a parcel brokerage service that can get you a better deal with the main delivery companies for a one off and multiple parcels.

I have both a Parcelforce parcel account for up to 20kg, and an account with a pallet only distribution company .... standard anywhere on the UK mainland up to 1.5 tons on a Euro pallet for 45 +VAT

Every now and again I have to send parcels between the two weights listed above, and so I use Interparcel, but since January 1st 2012, I have noticed that their rates have dropped and are now almost 3 per parcel less than Parcelforce for a certain size that I send out 10-12 times each week, and their 48 hour delivery service is proving to be very reliable; often less than 30 hours from collection from me to delivery to the customer.

So if you are selling something on ebay or like me sending out a fair few parcels each week it is worth getting an online quote from them:


i too send the odd parcel and always shop around for a bargain on postage, i have found parcel2go even cheaper than than interparcel !

I have also been using Parcel2go this week, but I thought I would hold back recommending them until they have delivered 10 parcels for me.

I have dispatched 7 parcels with them this week; 6 delivered on time, the 7th due to be delivered this morning, and their tracking system shows it to be currently on the van for delivery to the customer; so everything is in order and as it should be.

on an aside note: Parcelforce have been extremely efficient for me over the past fortnight. 3 weeks ago they changed the collection driver who collects from me to two self employed guys in a white van. For the first 4 collections they made from me they actually moaned about me booking collections just before midday because I am on their morning route and they have to drive 5 miles from the other side of Norwich for just my collection. They wouldn't have it that I run my my business my way and my cut off point for dispatch on the same day is noon (the same as parcelforce). After 4 such complaints from the van collections guys, I put an official complaint into Parcelforce who have now allocated another collection driver me ........... he is polite, already has the labels printed and is just someone with a positive attitude .... which I like.

This is really timely forme...
today ive been trying to find quotes for one off parcel delivery...Im selling a couple of big things on ebay..(sewing machine & mums samovar)

Collect plus ( will do a 10kg parcel for 6.99 3-5 day economy...
This is the cheapest Ive found....


i print out my labels at home gareth but i had done all the work on my laptop, booking parcel etc when i realised i laptop not connected to printer, so went on main comp in office, i went on live chat (parcel2go) and they were so helpful and sent me a link to print my labels no hassle, i have used them 3 times with no problems at all, so i hope they pass your 10 collections test.

lorraine i too have been having a clearout via ebay this week. i sent a heavy kenwood mixer 13kg was 5.80 plus vat so i think was 6.96 ish , that was picked up the next day for a 48hr delivery and a 10kg manifold off of my stag same price, i will also be sending (if it sells) my old singer sewing machine and numerous other things


parcels 5% off

if you 'like' parcel2go on facebook they have monthly offers usually for an extra 5% of price

type in parcel2go in search bar, then 'like' their page and you can see the offers

I eventually went with parcel2go, and citylink came and collected and delivered well within time.  I was pleased (releived actually) as its the first time Ive used a courier to send anything.

We use a courier - part of a nationwide company - seems to be a franchise as each location has a different name I think.  up to 20kgs guaranteed following day delivery 12.00

just watch out with yodel! they provide a service via interparcel, but when ever there is a problem its because we used yodel.  Now I tend to use tnt via interparcel as they are just down the road so i can drop it off and not wait for the collection

I shipped 14 parcels in February including 1 international. I use Despatch Bay.

I pay 6.95 + vat per parcel up to a maxiumum weight of 30 kgs but package cannot be more than 1.52 meters in length. If over that length then cost is 9.00 + vat.

If I have got it right Despatch bay are a delivery portal and I can choose from the drop down list of services and I opt to use parcel force 48 hour service with goods guranteed up to 50.00. I can also opt for yodel which is 7.00 + Vat and they have insurance cover up to 100 included.

I input the delivery details into desptach bay and it allows me to print the lable including barcode. When i first applied for the account they also sent me the gray parcel plastic parcel bags and the clear sticky things for the documents and address lable.
The Parcel Force chap has been working this round for at least 5 years, he stops for a blether, couple of times a month I give him some eggs, all in all a decent chap who treats my packages with respect.  

So far none of my packages have been lost and I have had no complaints about damages etc. I can log into my desptach bay account and see when they have been delivered and who signed for them etc.

If anyone on here needs to send the odd parcel I can always arrange to have it picked up from you using my account as I am allowed away collections from different address.



just an update to beware of yodel

as i said i use parcel2go and had had no problems until this time (my 4th) parcel collected by them this time it was yodel and was 2x metal stands each with 5 thick glass candle holders

these were wrapped in bubble wrap, paper and in a box and then packed around with more packing material, they arrived with 5 out of the ten smashed !! tha lady i sent them to said they(yodel) must have thrown the parcel as it was so well wrapped she couldnt believe it could of just happened. It was marked in thick red marker pen 'fragile' on both sides

when i complained p2g said glass isnt covered by insurance, they pointed me in the direction of the stuff that isnt covered (it would have been easier and shorter to list the stuff that is) anyway in the end i published on their facebook page my complaint and was reimbursed 25 for the breakage so i will not use yodel again, there was no way i could have wrapped that parcel any more securely if i had tried

so beware of hidden exclusions in the insurance department

i will try dispatch bay too

I don't think glass is covered by anyone - definitely not by Royal Mail.

I'm currently looking at parcel options for something I'm about to put on ebay weighing about 3 kgs. the Royal mail price is far too prohibitive for the value of the object (anyone refurbishing vintage agricultural machinery? it's a cast iron RA Lister nameplate I dug up in the field!) The cheapest option uses Yodel.  

Well, at least the shouldn't be able to break it.........but whether it would reach it's destination is another thing.

most companies won't cover meat either - even though you pay for guranteed following day delivery if it isnt tough - the contents is not coverered - the most you get is your courier fee back

I won't name the courier who mislaid a pair of speakers, each crated up in coffin sized transit crates, for a week. When they eventually turned up, one of the crates was full of water.
The speakers cost 15,000, they were allegedly fully insured.
That was 8 months ago, we are still arguing......  

I recently sold a couple of old rocking chairs on ebay, the buyer was from Brighton, he used a firm called Antikpete Delivery Service Limited to collect. Although only a small independant firm I got the impression from the buyer he was reasonably priced.
He is based in West Sussex but travels all over the country, having specific days for each area.
Might be worth a look.  

Has anyone used Collect+ ?

They seem the cheapest for my package (although 3-5 days delivery)
They don't collect, but one of their drop off points is the petrol station I pass on the way home.

parcel delivery price comparison

hi there,

theres a new price delivery price comparison online tool, check it out at

Thanks microwave and welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum microwave. You'd be known as Popty Ping here in Wales.

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